Day: November 10, 2023

The Safest and Most Profitable Ways to Buy and Sell FIFA CoinsThe Safest and Most Profitable Ways to Buy and Sell FIFA Coins

How to Buy FIFA Coins From Reddit

Buying coins is not recommended. You can make more by playing the game and trading. It is much safer and more reliable. Plus if you buy coins from a fake site ea headquarters can see all the log ins and flag your account. This can lead to a ban. You risk getting banned for no reason and losing all your stuff.


Purchasing FIFA coins from unauthorized sources or engaging in coin distribution is against EA’s Terms of Service and could lead to a ban. But transferring coins safely isn’t as difficult as you might think.

The best way to make FIFA coins is by splurging them on Squad Battles and Squad Building Challenges. But you can also earn ’em by cracking open Bronze player packs and scoring gold player rewards from division rivals and weekend league.

You can sell items in the Transfer Market and through Quick Sell. To do this, select the Club menu and then select Consumables. Next, choose the item you want to sell and either list it on the market or click on Quick Sell. Then, select the price you want to sell for and wait. You’ll receive a confirmation when the transaction is complete. You can also check your order status at any time. You’ll get informed emails when your order is processed.


FUT coins are the cash in FIFA Ultimate Team. You score them by rocking Squad Battles, crushing objectives and challenges, flipping players and completing Squad Building Challenges. You can also scoop up coins from bronze packs and scour the Transfer Market for low-value players, young talent and tradable boosts.

You can also sell your consumables to make quick cash. To do this, go to your Club menu and select the Consumables tab. Then, select the list you want to sell and press X/Y. Once you’re done, select the Transfer Market icon and set a min price for the item you’re selling.

Buying FIFA Coins online in a safe marketplace is far more cost-effective than purchasing them with FIFA Points. It’s also much faster than grinding hundreds of hours in-game to earn them. Plus, you won’t run the risk of account compromise or fraud. So, if you’re ready to start your FUT journey, check out this guide!


Buying and selling FIFA coins is an important part of playing EA sports’ Ultimate Team. However, it’s important to follow certain steps when doing so in order to avoid getting banned by EA Sports.

You can purchase FIFA coins from a variety of sources online. To make the process safe, you should use a trusted site. After purchasing the coins, you should follow the instructions on the site to ensure that they are transferred to your account. You should also check your email regularly to see if the transaction has been completed.

Generally, you should spend your FIFA coins on player upgrades, transfer market purchases, or packs. You can also earn FUT Coins by participating in in-game events, such as Squad Battles or the Weekend League. This way, you can boost your team’s chemistry styles to improve their performance. You can also sell unwanted cards and players to earn additional coins. Beware of third-party sellers, as they can be scammers.

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